DPS Polka Band

Petoberfest in Las Cruces

DPS Polka Band

A Bavarian-style band in New Mexico? A bunch of musicians in leather shorts (Lederhosen) and German Dresses (Dirndls), playing accordions and flugelhorns and tenorhorns and tubas?

Ja wohl. Also saxes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones. And it’s not just guys, either. (By the way, “die” is German, pronounced like the letter D, not like the English word that rhymes with “dye.” Event announcers, please note.) We do big band and swing tunes, too!

Is this a new band?

The band has been around for more than 45 years. It was started by a physician at Lovelace Medical Center who wanted to play the sousaphone (a wrap-around tuba used mostly in marching bands). He recruited a bunch of other instrument-playing folks around the hospital and their friends, and the band was born. The founder has long since departed, but the band plays on. And on. And on.

Die Polka Schlingel

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