Past Members

In memoriam: Bart Strohl, who played trumpet, trombone, and euphonium for Die Polka-schlingel for almost 20 years.Bart Strohl Bart passed away October 12, 2001. Bart loved music and imparting the love of music to young people. His passing leaves the band poorer in wit and musicianship. Who else could sing “Just Because” the way Bart did?






In memoriam: Dave Judd, one of the founding members of the band a member for over 30 years. Eerste Klarinette und alto sax.





In memoriam: Fred Leach. Fred drummed for many jazz groups around Albuquerque and we were fortunate to have him hit the skins for us for a time.

Fred Leach






In Memoriam: Chuck Campbell. Chuck played Tuba and Baritone with the band off and on for over 30 years. Chuck passed away March 10,2019 and we will miss his um pah on the tuba. No polka band is complete without the tuba.

Die Polka Schlingel

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